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Resolutions can kiss my @ss

So, How are your New Year's Resolutions going?? Do you feel defeated already? Are you tired of starting new ones every year only to find yourself saying Fuck it, I can't do it! Then stop doing them!!! Seriously, why do people keep writing down shit they are not going to follow through with? Starting something and then not finishing it can really make a person feel like crap!! I think most of us get caught up with the NEW YEAR starting and we are really amped up to change things and then life gets in our way and we forget what we wanted to do. I am here to tell you it's OK!!!! And I am inviting you to stop doing such impossible resolutions at the beginning of the year because it can make you feel like a failure and it makes you feel like you can't accomplish anything.

I am inviting you to try something new, something that empowers you and makes you have more of a "HELL YES I CAN" attitude. It's called the Kaizen way!!! It is all about making great and lasting change in your life through small and steady steps. How does that sound? Let's start every day like it's a brand new Badass day with "I can" attitude. Make a list of small steps that would help you accomplish a new goal, and only do that ONE step for a week, let's use the example of making one follow up phone call a day for a week that usually makes you uncomfortable. ONE. See how that feels. After doing that for a week you should start feeling a little less uncomfortable, now you can do 2 a day for a week, then 3 the next week, now you have a new pattern, of "That wasn't so hard, I can do that!!" Then you start a new step with another uncomfortable task, like going to one networking thing a week and then two and before long it actually starts feeling normal and maybe even fun.

The idea here is to take small steps over and over again to instill new habits that feel better to you, new habits that empower you to grow and expand into the best badass version of yourself that you can be!!

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