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Law of Supply

Let's talk about how to work with the Laws of the Universe, they are as real as the Laws of Gravity and Electricity, and are always at work in our lives. Being aware of these laws is key to understanding how we relate to our Universe. So today i am going to talk about the LAW OF SUPPLY. We live in an Abundant Universe and the best way to experience abundance is to be in agreement with yourself and the Universe that there is enough for everyone!! Create thoughts and feelings in your body that align with abundance and not LACK!! Give more of what you want to receive in the world and watch how the universe reacts to it. Do you want more Love? Give more Love. Do you want more compassionate? Be more compassionate. Do you want more money? Be more generous. If you think you don't have enough, learn how to be more grateful for what you do have, because gratitude is on the same frequency of abundance and supply. Just like the invisible law of gravity, that works without us really understanding it, the law of supply is also invisible, but operating by the energy that we are giving it, what we focus on is what we are actually creating. Be more aware of the energy and the attention that you are putting on things in your life, the Universe is always giving you what you are focusing on!! Your ATTENTION is the INTENTION for your life!! 

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