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It's all about your ENERGY

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

It's funny, some of us think we are just this physical body experiencing life as it comes to us, but the truth is we are a SOUL having a human experience. Yes, you heard me right, you don't just have a soul, you are a SOUL. Imagine your body having this beautiful white light surrounding it as far as your arms can stretch out, this is your energetic soul, this is the energy you are co-creating with your Divine, with your Pure Source Energy, with your Universe, whatever you want to call it, just know this is how you are connected to it.

You have probably heard everything is made up of energy, and this is how you are creating your reality. Everything you say, think and feel is energy and it is sent out in the Aura of your SOUL and then the Pure Source Energy sends you what resonates with your energy. When you truly understand this, I mean TRULY UNDERSTAND, you become the guardian of your thoughts, feelings and words!!!!

What I have learned through my studies of energy and personal expansion of my SOUL through energy work, is that our SOUL LIGHT can get foggy and muggy by trapped emotional baggage, and this constricts our co-creating ability!! OH HELL NO, that is not happening, and this is when I decided to become the master of my thoughts and emotions and to learn how to prevent my SOUL LIGHT from becoming constricted.

I have come to learn and believe that when you don't process and deal with your emotions, you will start feeling stuck, stagnant, depressed and sometimes trapped emotions can even cause physical issues. Think about it, if you have this SOUL LIGHT surrounding your physical body and you have negative energy and trapped emotions fogging up this beautiful creative light that we are operating from, that it could definitely cause problems with your physical body.

So clearing these trapped emotions is necessary for you to move forward with your true desires. Once I did this work, I was able to write two books and do videos which I NEVER thought I would be able to do. I was definitely stuck and very stagnant. At times I almost felt frozen. Learning about how to release these emotions has changed my life, and if you want to know more about releasing your Trapped Emotional Baggage, message me. We can do this work right over the phone.

Life is too short to just settle, to just take life as it comes to you. Start saying YES to your SOUL'S ENERGY and create a life you LOVE!

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