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Badass Visions

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Download Kelly's badass book that goes over how she found her inner badass!

Hi, I'm Kelly Kimberlin

My goal is to help you re-imagine your life and let go of thoughts and behaviors that no longer serve you. I help you connect with your Inner Badass so you can create the life you've always dreamt about. I help you unlock your true potential and get in alignment for what you would truly like to see happen in your life.


Dream Builder

Learn how to get in touch with your Soul’s Purpose.  Gain Boundless confidence to go and design a life you truly desire.  Learn that you are worthy and deserve the Badass vision you have for your life.

Gain the tools and life skills to go kick some ass.

Life Mastery

This is a 6-month program for radical personal transformation.  You will crystallize your goal into a powerful vision.  You will install your vision at the deepest levels of your mind.  You will harmonize your vision with the natural laws of the Universe

Working within the Law

You will become aware of the Laws of the Universe.  You will learn how to apply them to your own life.  Life will become easier and more successful.

Into Your Genius

You will learn about your Own Genius quality.  You will learn that each of us is born with 6 extraordinary gifts.  Learn how to unlock the 6 powers of the mind.

I was referred to Kelly and her life coaching program in the fall of 2016, and it was perfect timing. I was kind of in a rut and after our initial conversation, I was all in. We went through the program over the next couple of months and I found it very beneficial. It helped me refocus and reset my short and long term goals. I really came away from it looking and thinking about things differently. It was a very positive coaching experience for me. 

-Rick K

I was going through a downward spiral, not too happy in my career and personal relationships, and felt I was being held back by my own negative thinking patterns. The strategies and motivation Kelly Provided me have helped me move from a defeatist "I have no other Options" mindset to opening up my thought processes to create how I want my life to move forward. Truly worth the investment and time.

-Michelle S

Wow!! I can't say enough good things about Kelly. She had transformed the way I think about my career and my life and has become a great friend. It is truly amazing how powerful we are, and Kelly has done an amazing job of guiding and focusing me through this thing called life!! I would recommend her to anyone looking to better their career, relationship or take back their life.

-Seth G

Kelly Helped me pull my inner beast out. I would start to get overwhelmed and there she was stepping in to get me back on track. She is fiercely compassionate about helping others be the best version of themselves, and is truly a blessing to all that she encounters.

-Nancy W

Kelly has become such an important part of my wellness journey. It has been a powerful and life changing experience and she is now my energy coach. I encourage anyone to meet with her and after your first session you'll know why you are there.

Diane S.

I have had the great blessing to be working with Kelly since October of 2022. I suffer from high anxiety and Kelly had provided amazing tools to use daily. I am able to address anxiety and stress in a way that is easy and can be done from anywhere.

Nancy S

I have found Kelly's session to be no nonsense and straightforward. I had a strong addiction to sugar and sweets, but after one session with her I quickly halted my need for sugar products. I whole heartedly recommend her approach.

Rick D

Kelly is great at her Rapid Transformational therapy.

I still remember her session with me as one of the best i have had.

It helped me very much and it was on point.



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